Connecting the Dots

Be part of our series launching in autumn 2023

The second film series, "Connecting the Dots," presented by MedTech Europe and produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions is set to launch in Autumn 2023, aiming to showcase the value of the medical technology solutions for patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems. This second season will also build upon the phenomenal success of its first season, with over 10 million social media interactions and 150,000 visits to the dedicated BBC microsite. It sparked meaningful discussions on the transformative role of medical technologies in healthcare, achieving record-breaking website performance and earning a prestigious digital creative campaign award.

The second season of "Connecting the Dots" will explore the three key pillars:

  1. Connected: discover how connected medical devices drive digital innovation, reshape healthcare, and revolutionise patient treatment.
  2. Compassionate: experience how medical technology empowers individuals, promotes social inclusion, and ensures compassionate care for all.
  3. Collaborative: unlock the potential of medical technology through industry collaboration, real-world data, and personalised care.

Feel like joining this initiative?

Share your MedTech story on a more connected, compassionate, and collaborative health system. Selected stories will be transformed into compelling mini-documentary-style branded films by BBC StoryWorks, reaching diverse audiences across Europe.

Selected stories require a fee determined by the BBC based on factors like filming locations, scope, and timelines. MedTech Europe oversees the project for diverse voices and sustainable healthcare. Multiple members can collaborate on a single story, expanding participation.

If you have a story to tell, please get in touch with us: